About Safety Systems Inc.

Safety Systems, Inc. is a distributor and authorized servicer of Donaldson dust collectors, baghouses, cyclones, mist filters and fume collection systems. Safety Systems, Inc. is expert in the recommendation, design, sale and servicing of dust collection systems for plant safety.

Safety Systems, Inc. is a distributor and servicer of Fike fire suppression, Fike explosion protection systems, Boss Product venting solutions, isolation controls & rotary valves. Safety Systems, Inc. started in 2007 when Fike Corporation asked it to begin selling and servicing its explosion protection systems. When it comes to the intricacies of handling combustible dust and materials, Safety Systems Inc. is expert in the recommendation, design, installation and commissioning of the Fike explosion protection and fire suppression systems. that will meet your needs. From explosion venting to chemical and fire suppression, Safety Systems, Inc. can assist you in selecting the appropriate system to help protect your personnel and assets.

Safety Systems, Inc. has the experience, equipment and staff to assist you with the calibration and maintenance of your plant’s safety systems and instruments. Whether it’s a burned-out LEL gas sensor or a control valve that is out of tolerance, Safety Systems, Inc.’s staff of trained engineers and technicians can get your instruments back online.


Safety Systems
Safety Systems, Inc.’s main office is located in Carver, Massachusetts.

Our main office address and directions are noted below. All order processing, customer service, warehousing and service is done out of the Carver office.



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