Explosion isolation valves are used to prevent explosions from propagating through a system, greatly limiting the damage that a deflagration can do to your facility. Explosion isolation valves are completely autonomous, meaning they will automatically activate when an explosion is detected. In this article, we’ll talk more about how explosion isolation valves work, why they’re necessary, and the types of applications they’re used in! If you have any questions about how explosion isolations valves are relevant to your application, please don’t hesitate to contact our team at Safety Systems Inc. for more information!

How Do Explosion Isolation Valves Operate?

Explosion isolation valves are installed on horizontal pipes at a set distance from the area that is at risk-of being affected by an explosion. When an explosion is caused by combustible dust, it will be automatically detected by the explosion isolation system within milliseconds. After the explosion is detected, the isolation valve will automatically move into the closed position. Many explosion isolation valves use “knife gate” systems with the capability to close within milliseconds. When the valve is in the closed position, it essentially creates two separate isolated chambers within the system; one where the explosion has occurred, and one where the explosion can not reach. Explosion isolation valves are highly effective at preventing explosions from spreading through a systems interconnected piping or ducts.

Does My Application Require Explosion Isolation Valves?

Explosion isolations systems, which can be mechanical, chemical, or both, are mandated by the National Fire Protection Association in manufacturing facilities that handle combustible particulate solids. A combustible particulate solid, also known as combustible dust, is any material with the ability to disperse in air, catch fire, and explode when exposed to an ignition source. If your facility deals with any kind of combustible particulate solid, explosion isolation systems are essential for protecting employees & equipment from dust explosions!

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