When it comes to gas sensors, there are two primary options: fixed gas detection systems and portable gas detectors. Both types of gas sensors have their own advantages, and the choice that is right for you and your facility will depend on a number of factors, including the type of gas that needs to be actively monitored in your application. In this article, we’ll explain the differences between these two types of devices and their benefits so you can make an informed decision when you’re selecting a gas sensor! At Safety Systems Inc., we assist facilities in New England, the Mid Atlantic, and Eastern Canada with the selection, installation, calibration, maintenance, and repair of gas sensing systems and other explosion protection equipment! Contact us today to learn more!

Fixed Gas Detection Systems

Fixed gas detection systems are permanently installed in a facility and monitor the air for the presence of gasses 24/7. Depending on the type of fixed gas detection system you’re working with, the system may have different actions when a gas is detected, including sirens/alarms, notifying emergency services, controlling ventilation in the facility, and more. The primary advantage of a fixed gas detection system over portable gas sensors is that the facility will be monitored around the clock, whereas portable gas sensors that are often worn by employees will only be able to detect potentially harmful gasses when an employee is present. Most fixed gas detection systems can be used to monitor the levels of a wide range of gasses and vapors, including explosive gasses, toxic gasses, asphyxiating gasses, volatile organic compounds, and refrigerants. 

Portable Gas Sensors

Portable gas sensors are typically worn by employees as a part of their personal protective equipment, and therefore move around the facility as they do. Portable gas detectors work in a similar fashion to fixed systems, as they can be used to detect a wide range of potentially harmful gasses that could enter the employee’s breathing zone. When the portable gas sensor detects gas levels that break the threshold of the safety zone, the person wearing the sensor will be notified by an alarm. Portable gas sensors are ideal for applications where employees are working in areas that can not have fixed gas detection systems, like in gas delivery vehicles, storage tanks, outdoor sites, etc.

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