Explosion Protection Detection & Control

EPACO® by Fike represents the most advanced safety technology available in today’s explosion protection market.

EPACO is pre-configured to recognize danger signs and make important decisions about when to activate explosion isolation and/or explosion suppression systems, effectively preventing an explosion from damaging your equipment and facility. 

Fike’s Detection and Control Systems tell you where the trouble is, what the problem is, and when it happened, eliminating the need for employees and engineers to seek out signs of a problem. With Fike’s exclusive bus technology and EPWorks™ software, the explosion detection & control system can communicate system status with your plant’s operators, as well as activate system protection and allow for remote access. Operators will also be provided with reports on system status, pressure readings, and pre/post system activation history!

EPACO is flexible and easy to use due to its sophisticated, modular design, paired with its global compatibility and pre-configured set-up!

Here at Safety Systems Inc, we provide clients in New England, the Mid-Atlantic, and Eastern Canada with sales, installation, and service of Fike Explosions Detection & Control Systems! Contact us today to learn more about how EPACO can make a difference in your application!



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