What Are Industrial Dust Collectors?

Industrial dust collectors are used to collect and filter out particulate matter like dust and dirt, then resupply the newly purified air back into the facility or environment. Dust collectors are required by safety regulations for a wide range of industrial manufacturing processes, including those that work with materials that may create combustible dust byproducts, like metal, wood, chemicals, grain, sugar, flour, textile fibers, and most other solid organic materials. By capturing and filtering dust and other particulate matter, industrial dust collectors can reduce air pollution and prevent the harmful effects that could otherwise be caused by their presence in manufacturing facilities, including combustible dust explosions, product contamination, and health hazards that employees could face due to prolonged exposure to air pollutants. If you have any questions about industrial dust collectors or are looking into dust collection systems for your company’s manufacturing facility, please contact our team at Safety Systems Inc. today to speak with a member of our team about the sales, installation, and maintenance services we offer for these systems!

How Do Industrial Dust Collectors Work?

Industrial dust collectors are designed to provide full-scale filtration for particulate matter byproducts in manufacturing facilities. These systems are different from industrial vacuum systems because they are not used for precision cleaning, but rather, they are used to collect and filter air pollutants within a facility throughout the manufacturing processes. There are many different types of industrial dust collection systems, all of which operate slightly differently, but they all work under the same basic principles. Industrial dust collectors draw in large volumes of air from within the facility, pass it through some kind of media that filters out the particulate matter, then recirculates the newly purified air back into the facility. Some of the most popular types of dust collection systems include baghouse dust collectors, cyclone dust collectors, and cartridge-style dust collectors.

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