A rotary valve, also known as a rotary airlock or rotary feeder, is a pneumatic valve that controls the flow of granular bulk or powders. Rotary valves are used in a wide range of applications, including under dust collection systems to discharge dust that is accumulated during industrial manufacturing processes. Rotary valves function as airlocks, explosion barriers, process isolators, and more. In this article, we’ll dive deeper into how rotary valves work and why they’re necessary in a wide range of applications! To learn more about rotary valves and the services we offer for them, please contact our team at Safety Systems Inc. today!

How Do Rotary Valves Work?

Rotary valves are composed of an outer housing, a rotor, a rotor bearing & seal, and a driving mechanism. The medium (granular bulk, powder, etc.) is fed into the valve through the inlet port where it is collected between the rotor vanes. The driving mechanism, which is usually an electric motor mounted on the exterior of the valve that is connected to a reduction gearbox and chain, then rotates the rotor at a set speed. The medium is then fed out of the valve through the outlet port and distributed into equal portions. The rotor within the outer housing makes a tight seal, preventing pressure and material losses. 

Rotor Types

There are several different types of rotors, each of which are beneficial for different applications. Some of the most common rotor types are open-end rotors, closed-end rotors, adjustable rotors, metering rotors, staggered pock rotors, helical rotors, and more. 

Rotary Valve Purposes

Rotary valves are used for several purposes, including the flow control of dry bulk solids, feeding downstream systems, and maintaining pressure differences between upstream and downstream systems.

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