What Is A Spark Detection System?

Spark detection systems, also referred to as optical detection systems, are important elements of explosion protection systems, which are used to prevent deflagrations in manufacturing facilities. Spark detection systems are used in dust collectors to instantly identify the formation of a spark among combustible dust, which is a by-product that is created by manufacturing processes that work with combustible raw materials. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has a set of codes that outline the standards that must be upheld in manufacturing facilities to limit the chances of catastrophic explosions occurring. Some of these codes include NFPA 69, NFPA 650, NFPA 652, NFPA 654 and NFPA 664, each of which require spark detection systems. Without explosion protection systems and spark detectors, combustible dust explosions cause damage to a facility, extended downtime, and worst of all, serious injury or death to employees.

How Do Spark Detections Systems Work?

Spark detection systems monitor infrared light, giving them the ability to detect anything that gives off heat. Sparks and embers give off more heat than the area surrounding them in a dust collector, so they give off more infrared light and are easily detectable by spark detection systems. Spark detections systems will detect sparks and other ignition sources within milliseconds of their formation. Once an ignition source has been detected, the spark detection system will send a signal to the explosion isolation & explosion suppression systems, where the spark and resulting explosion will be chemically suppressed and mechanically isolated. The spark detection system and explosion protection system work in unison to prevent deflagrations that can spread through ductwork and cause devastating damage to a facility and its workers.

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