Abort gates are a component of industrial dust collectors that prevent flames and deflagrations from entering the dust collector, working in conjunction with fire suppression systems to minimize the damage that explosions and fires can cause. When a spark is detected within a vessel that is connected to the dust collector, the spark detection system will instantaneously send a signal to the high-speed abort gate to close in order to isolate the dust collector from the interconnected systems where the potential explosion or fire is occuring. While abort gates are essential components of an explosion protection system, they are not used to actually stop an explosion or fire; only to minimize the damage that they can cause.

What Are Abort Gates Used For?

Abort gates are used to mechanically isolate industrial dust collectors from vessels where a spark has been detected and an explosion could occur. While combustible dust explosions can happen in virtually any area of a manufacturing facility that operates in the wood, processing, metalworking, and chemical industries, they most often occur in the dust collection system itself. The main purpose of an abort gate is to divert sparks, flames, and debris from the dust collector to a lower-risk area where the potential explosion would be less devastating to the facility and its personnel.

Are Abort Gates Necessary For Explosion Protection Systems?

According to the National Fire Protection Association’s standard for the prevention of fire and dust explosions from the manufacturing, processing, and handling of combustible particulate solids (NFPA 654), abort gates prevent damage from sparks, fires, and filter leaks, making them essential components of explosion protection systems for manufacturing facilities that work with metal, wood, chemicals, grain, sugar, flour, textile fibers, and most other solid organic materials. When abort gates are installed and maintained properly in your application, they can divert sparks, fires, and gasses to safe zones, protecting your facility, equipment, and employees.

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