Explosion isolation systems are designed to automatically detect combustible dust explosions and contain the deflagration as soon as it occurs, preventing it from spreading into the facility or neighboring ducts & process equipment. Explosion isolation systems are essential for the safety of your employees, process system network, and facility as a whole!

Chemical Explosion Isolation Vs. Explosion Isolation Valves

There are two main types of explosion isolations systems: chemical explosion isolations and explosion isolations valves. 

Chemical explosion isolation systems use a rapid discharge of a chemical explosion suppressant, typically sodium bicarbonate, to suppress deflagrations. The chemical discharge is activated by a signal from a pressure detector and releases the extinguishing agent within milliseconds, preventing the explosion from reaching inter-connected equipment or other areas of the facility.

Explosion isolation valves, sometimes referred to as mechanical explosion isolation systems, use a physical barrier in the form of mechanical valves to prevent the spread of a deflagration. These valves are installed in the interconnected ducts between dust collector systems where deadly explosions are the most common, and use a “knife gate” to prevent the propagation of the explosion. When a pressure detector senses an explosion, a signal is sent for the knife gate to close within milliseconds, preventing an explosion from moving through the process piping or duct work.

Why Does My Facility Need An Explosion Isolation System?

Explosion isolation systems prevent secondary explosions in the ductwork and inter-connected equipment in your facility, greatly reducing the damage and casualties that they can cause. Explosion isolations systems are mandated by the National Fire Protection Association, requiring them in facilities that handle combustible particulate solids, which includes combustible dusts, fibers, flocks, flakes, chips, and chunks.

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