Explosion suppression systems are essential in many different kinds of manufacturing facilities, including those that work with plastics, pharmaceuticals, wood, sugar, corn, flour, and more. These systems are used to detect and chemically suppress explosions within milliseconds of their ignition, preventing deflagrations that could otherwise cause devastating damage to a facility and its employees.

How Does An Explosion Suppression System Work?

Explosion suppression systems have pressure sensors that instantly detect the pressure wave that is released in the first millisecond of an explosion. When the pressure wave is detected, the system’s control panel will receive a detection signal and instantly send a release signal to the container holding the chemical suppressant. This container or “suppressor bottle” will then release highly pressurized nitrogen into the vessel where the explosion is occuring, extinguishing the explosion before it has the chance to cause any serious damage to other interconnected vessels or employees within the facility. When an explosion protection system is installed and calibrated correctly, it should be able to detect & chemically suppress an explosion with one millisecond!

What Are The Benefits Of An Explosion Suppression System?

Explosion suppression systems have many benefits, but the most important benefit is that they can prevent explosions from injuring or killing the employees who are working in a facility when a deflagration occurs. Explosion suppression systems will also prevent explosions from spreading into ductwork and vessels that are connected to the vessel where the original ignition occurs, saving your company money from damaged equipment and extended downtime. Another benefit of explosion suppression systems is that they are compliant with NFPA standards and are designed to detect and chemically suppress up to Class ST III dust explosion hazards.

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